Build a Digital Ham Shack

This page has a tutorial introduction to building a digital ham shack. What do I mean by a digital ham shack? A digital shack starts with a traditional transceiver and adds a computer, appropriate software, and an interface between the radio and the computer.

A Digital Ham Shack

This tutorial will evolve over time, and consists of a sequence of specific articles on various topics related to a digital ham shack, mostly for HF use. There are links to each topic, listed in a suggested reading order. Simply open each of the following links (which will automatically open in a new tab or window) to view each article.

Building a Digital Ham Shack

  1. The Computer / Transceiver Interface
  2. Selecting a Computer for your Ham Shack
  3. Digital Modes – Basics
  4. Amateur Radio Software
  5. My Transceiver: Icom IC-7300