Welcome to WA7EWC’s home page.

This site currently concentrates on a few major themes:

  1. How to build a digital ham shack. While this tutorial may be old news to many amateurs, it will serve as good introduction to the parts of a digital ham shack – the combination of a transceiver and a computer for new comers, and maybe old- timers returning to the hobby after a few years off (like me!).
  2. The Icom IC-7300. This is the radio I picked when returning to amateur radio after a decade or so away from it. I have some presentation material, as well as tutorial articles for setting up the IC-7300 to work with various digital modes and the associated software.
  3. Software Reviews. Some reviews and overviews of some of the most popular software being used as of early 2018.

Icom IC-7300 Digital Mode Information

Please follow the links for specific articles on setting up an IC-7300 for ditigal modes, and specifics for using it with the associated software.